March 11, 2024

How to find tech talent on GitHub

Tatiana Kleshnina

Tatiana Kleshnina

Co-Founder of DevScanr

Many recruiters use GitHub to find developers with proven tech skills, especially when searching for popular technologies such as React. Despite limitations of search functionality, the large pool of candidates makes is an appealing resource. Here’s a basic formula for finding engineers on GitHub:

  1. Narrow the search to only users (exclude organizations) by adding type:user to the query.
  2. Specify a location and its synonyms. For example, when searching for talent from Serbia, filter by country, the biggest cities, Latin and Cyrillic translations. E.g. location:Serbia location:Belgrade location:Београд.
  3. Choose the programming languages candidates must know, for instance language:TypeScript.

The final query would be like this:
type:user location:Serbia location:Belgrade location:Београд language:TypeScript

Please note, there is no space after colons.

If a talent pool is too large or is not accurate enough, you could search by technologies and seniority.

  1. Filter profiles by technologies using OR / AND logic: react OR angular or react AND css`.
  2. There is no seniority filter on GitHub, but you can use a couple of hacks:
    • Search profiles by creation date, which correlates with the candidates’ development experience: created:<=2019-01-01.
    • Search profiles by the number of followers, with the idea that a higher reputation means a higher seniority: followers:>=25.

A final search query could look like this:
type:user location:Serbia location:Belgrade location:Београд language:TypeScript created:<=2019-01-01 react AND css

⚠️ Warning: narrowing results by technologies and seniority may reduce your list by ×100! Please refer to our dedicated blog post to learn more.

GitHub is a fantastic database of tech talent, but search capabilities are limited. As a result many candidates are hidden from recruiters. DevScanr uncovers all profiles and helps to find engineers quickly.

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