About DevScanr

DevScanr is a Search & Analytics platform for recruiters, with a strong focus on tech talent: software engineers, all sorts of developers, architects, scientists, analysts, etc. DevScanr does not collect its own base of resumes. Instead, it relies on algorithms and artificial intelligence to search over existing talent pools on GitHub, StackOverflow, and similar platforms. Effectively bridging the gap between DEV and HR worlds.

Resumes are biased and easy to falsify. This practice is spreading, as engineers are getting aware of how their data is searched and analyzed. “Senior Engineers” and “Solution Architects” are now born by tweaking a couple of dates and adding the right titles.

Dev-first platforms add open source code, activity, and social metrics to consideration. With proper analysis, you can be sure that talent’ skills of interest are in place. Unfortunately, dev platforms are usually not designed nor convenient for recruiters.


Collecting missing information and initial profile evaluation are the most mundane activities. They should be automated and mostly done by AI. With time of human recruiters saved for something more important and interesting – overseeing the results and communication with TOP prospects.

Unlike typical resume platforms, DevScanr provides you 4 independent sources of truth: resume itself, coding profile, social/community metrics, and analytics. Which allows both you and a hiring company to be much more confident about a candidate.

DevScanr shares these and other unique data insights that streamline your communication with a talent and a customer. People you find via DevScanr will have higher %s of succeeding at interviews and lower %s of post-hire churn.


DevScanr is created and supported by the Paqmind team. Its co-founders are generalists with Master’s degrees in Computer Science, proficient in Web Engineering & Data Science. They have extensive combined experience in Edtech-, and HR-oriented projects.

Ivan Kleshnin
Ivan Kleshnin
Co-Founder of DevScanr

Enthusiastic software engineer and entrepreneur. Polymath, relentless learner. Ivan’s professional interests include: Computer Science, Data Science, Web, Software Architecture, UI/UX. He is a proponent of minimalism and 改善. Currently focused on getting better at Statistics.

Ivan has an experience in tech blogging, mentorship, still receiving appreciation letters from his students. In 2023 he founded DevScanr with a goal to change how tech talent are found and recruited.

Tatiana Kleshnina
Tatiana Kleshnina
Co-Founder of DevScanr

Tatiana has been building tech solutions for Human Resources for almost a decade. She started her career as a fullstack developer, eventually advancing to a Director of Engineering. For years she successfully led a remote team of 25 engineers, designers, and managers in 14 time zones.

In 2023 she co-founded DevScanr – a sourcing platform for tech recruiters. She believes that the best way to find great engineers is to analyze their open source activity and “pet” projects. Such engineers may be shy to advertise their skills, but you can’t outspeak them when a tech discussion starts.


We aim to make tech talent search more productive and enjoyable. DevScanr is in beta but is already getting traction among industry experts. Let’s join our forces!

Boost Your Sourcing Process

DevScanr opens a new way to source, evaluate, and engage tech stars. Powerful talent search, data insights & analytics at your disposal. The platform has a free tier with invite-only access.